Cranberry liqueur

Name: Cranberry liqueur
Category: liqueur
Alc.: 21%
Distilled: 3times
Filtration: 9 stages
Available in: 700ml, 500ml, 100ml, 50ml

Sweet and pleasant! Exceptionally popular within females.

The noble taste of brandy, accompanied by a touch of sour cranberry, hand-picked on the faraway marshes in Siberia, adding excellent 4-years-aged cognac from Crimea, gives the pronounced individuality and harmonious bouquet to that surprising drink. The traditionally high technologies applied by Nemiroff and the high-quality natural ingredients ensure irreproachable quality of the Nemiroff Cranberry.
Besides, it is one of those drinks that cannot stand haste and fuss – as a true digestive, it will fully reveal its taste when you slowly relish on it.

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