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Pomegranate juice concentrate

Pomegranate fruit is thick-skinned and round in shape. There are different varieties of pomegranate. Its rind color may range from yellow-orange to deep reddish-purple. When ripens, its color will turn to red-brown and the fruit center will be full of large juicy seeds which contain sweet-tart juice. A good quality pomegranate should have rich and fresh color, and has no cuts or blemishes. It should be plump and heavy for its size. The larger the fruit, the more delicious juice you will have in it.
Pomegranate fruit is full of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, glucose and also a lot of medical benefits for us.

Spentas Inc. is a leading exporter of pomegranate juice concentrate from Iran to all over the world.
and we are joint with Roobina Nar Co. Ltd

    Poemgranate juice conc
    Raw material:Pomegranate
    Net weight:265kg