Rye Honey

Name: Rye Honey
Category: premium flavored vodka
Alc.: 40%
Distilled: 3 times
Filtration: 9 stages
Available in: 700ml, 500ml, 100ml, 50ml

Take a sip, and feel the warm wave spreading your body; enjoy the lasting aftertaste of rye bread tartness, faint sweetness of honey, and a pronounced note of a noble well-aged cognac.

Vodka possessing a surprisingly mild and delicate taste. To produce the Nemiroff Rye Honey, we select rye bread baked exclusively by the classic technology: only that sort of bread contains rye, apple and honey tinges in its taste. The Nemiroff Rye Honey bitters can be enjoyed neat or as a base of many original cocktails. Whatever choice you make, taste of the Nemiroff Rye Honey will invoke wonderful associations and stir reminiscences about warm summer evenings at the sea coast, or about fire cracking in the fireplace on a frosty winter night, giving you the sensation of quiet and inner harmony.

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